Cape Royal Trail 안산오피 오피쓰 안산건마


Cape Royal on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is a definite must do! The view standing on the peninsula above Angels Window is stunning. The walk from the parking lot is on a paved path and is quite easy. Signs along the path suggest information about the surrounding scenery, plant and animal life. The walk out to the fenced perch above the window (arch) may be a bit intimidating as the ground drops away. The vistas are just as impressive, from a variety of points, without having to deal with the exposure on the pathway to the Angels Window perch. Vishnu Temple is the tall Rocky summit to the south and the mighty Colorado River can be seen to the southeast as well as the rapids created by Unkar Wash. Far to the south, the San Francisco Peaks tower above Flagstaff, Arizona. Another paved path leads to the west and looks out to Clear Creek as it winds between Towering Buttes. These two viewpoints together add up to just one mile (round trip) of level walking, mostly on paved path. This is the “Grand Canyon”.


Grand Canyon South Rim 안산오피 안산건마 오피쓰


The South Rim is the most accessible part of the park and is open all year, averaging 7000 feet/ 2134 m above sea level. The South Rim of the Grand Canyon attracts over 5 million visitors each year and by far is the most visited side of the Canyon. That’s because it is the most accessible and provides the most amenities. As with all sides of the Canyon, the South Rim features astounding views of what took Mother Nature millions and millions of years to create. That why it has earned the distinction as one of the world’s Seven Wonders.

Turtle Beach 오피쓰 안산오피 안산건마

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Where: Buck Island, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
Why it made our list: We like turtles. But seriously, the place is a national monument for crying out loud. It comes as no surprise that it’s been a protected area since 1948, and part of the national park system since 1961.
Bonus: So secluded and so very tropical, this 176-acre paradise that boasts a 4,554-acre reef requires a boat for access. This place is literally so teeming with lobsters, you could dive down and catch your own dinner — that is, if you knew what you were doing and it wasn’t a protected nature preserve.